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redmuffin.MultiAdornment Extension for Visual Studio 2012 & 2013 places visual adornments around regions and preprocessor directives and highlights special code comments in C#, VB.Net and javaScript even HTML and Razor comments.

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"On top of that, because Visual Studio Code uses Omnisharp to provide C# languages, it also works with scriptcs (yes, yours truly made sure of that :)). Only thing you need is an empty project.json file beside your CSX script and Visual Studio Code will give you intellisense, code navigation and other C# experience goodies." #ScriptCS 
"Don't let you testing efforts fall behind. In this session I share insight gleaned from my TestTalks podcast interviews with some of the top thought leaders in the automation space (as well as my own personal experience) about some upcoming trends I believe all testers and developers need to be made aware of. Also discover what you need to know to stay employable in a changing dev/test world."
#testAutomation #Trends 
"It was difficult to figure out how to fake the context with an interface we made ourselves. We found some helpful Nuget packages, so I decided to share it." #EntityFramework #DatabaseTesting #Mocking #FakeItEasy